Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to have a positive impact along the entire coffee supply chain, from the farm to the consumer. Our goal is to elevate cascara to it's full potential by sharing this wonderous superfruit with as many people as possible. We believe the biggest change that people can have in the world is through their daily actions. By bringing high quality cascara to consumers, we are enabling them to make impactful choices that benefit their health while supporting the planet - one cup of cascara at a time.

Our vision is to elevate cascara to the level of other impactful foods such as açai and yerba mate.

Our goal is to have TeaGlee become the cascara tea that millions of households enjoy, where our impact is measured in providing amazing health benefits and positively impacting our planets environment.

By realizing cascara's potential, we will transform and uplift the lives of millions of coffee farmers and positively impact millions of acres of land - one cup of cascara at a time.