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Hi! We're TeaGlee...

Thanks for dropping by & picking up some cascara!

We are passionate about sustainability and health. It just so happens that cascara is BOTH, sustainable and healthy. We believe in this superfruit so much that we found some of the best cascara in the world and blended it with organic botanicals so you could enjoy it.

We are are small team of parents, cyclists, students, and overall awesome people, just like you! We found that coffee, although wonderful, has too much caffeine to enjoy throughout the day. Cascara is the perfect, enjoy all day, alternative because we learned that it has a bit of caffeine and lots of other good stuff that helps reduce inflammation, boosts mood, and hydrates with naturally occurring electrolytes.

All of our teas are Upcycled Certified and blended with Organic Botanicals! Sounds delicious, right?! If you shoot us a message here or on Instagram, we'll send you a small sample, so you can try before you buy!

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