Clean up your Caffeine!

by Naja Thomas on Feb 13, 2022

Clean up your Caffeine!

Let me start off with a couple questions, do you know how much caffeine you consume in a day? How does it make you feel? 

The limit of caffeine that we should consume each day is 400mg so that we don't feel the negative side effects. That is about 4-5 cups of coffee per day at 95mg each. To some that might seem like a lot, to others that's just an average day. However, this 400mg benchmark doesn’t take into account the different levels of caffeine sensitivity that people have. Some get the negative effects of caffeine sooner than others! If you have ever over done your caffeine consumption you might recognize the bad side effects. These include: headache, nausea, anxiousness, insomnia, fast heart rate, etc. I used to be a coffee tank, I regularly had over the recommended daily amount and my body was a wreck (my eye even started twitching, not good!). Even if you’re not overdoing it like I did, it’s still beneficial to cut back on your caffeine consumption. 

If you have ever tried to cut back on coffee in particular, you might have found it hard to find an alternative that satisfies you. I have tried black (47mg caffeine per serving) and green teas (24mg caffeine per serving), but I found them uninspiring because of the flavor or bitterness. However, for some, it's just more of a taste preference issue! I was at a loss, that was until I discovered cascara!

It has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of green tea (20 mg caffeine per serving) but it makes you feel super energized! On top of that it is hydrating with plant-based and natural electrolytes which means that you will feel great (yay!) This is why we like to say that cascara is “clean caffeine”, try cleaning up your caffeine today!  

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